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Construction machinery

Self-lubricating bearings can be used in chassis, fuselage parts, and hydraulic components. Self-lubricating bearing technology can greatly extend the maintenance cycle, improve equipment utilization and reduce maintenance costs.

Agricultural machinery

Because self-lubricating bearings are maintenance-free and have good abrasion resistance in dust and outdoor conditions.

Logistics, port machinery

Since the self-lubricating bearings developed by the company have the characteristics of maintenance-free, low cost, and corrosion resistance compared to traditional rolling bearings, they are widely used in outdoor logistics machinery such as trucks.

Car, truck

Self-lubricating bearings are used in at least 30 places on a car. For example: tensioner, air-conditioning compressor, etc.

Food, medical machinery

Because self-lubricating bearings have no refueling or less fuel characteristics, and do not contain harmful substances.

Energy equipment

The self-lubricating bushing produced by the factory is suitable for the swing area of new energy support to meet long-term use.


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