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Metal-based self-lubricating bearings

CHB-JDB-1 Solid mosaic bearings CHB-JDB-2 Bronze Inlaid Bearing CHB-JDB-3 Steel and copper inlaid bearings CHB-JDB-4 Cast iron inlaid bearing CHB-JDB-5 Inlaid steel bearing CHB-600 Inlaid steel bearing

Metal plastic polymer composite bearing

CHB-1 Oil-free lubricating bearings CHB-1T Gear oil pump special bearings CHB-1P Reciprocating bearing CHB-1W Lead-free bearings CHB-1D Hydraulic special bearings CHB-1B Bronze-based bearings CHB-1S Stainless steel rigid corrosion-resistant bearings CHB-2 Lubricated bearings CHB-2Y Lead-free bearings

Bi-metal boundary lubrication bearing

CHB800 Bimetal bearing CHB720 Bimetal bearing CHB700 Bimetal bearing CHB20 High tin aluminum base bearing CHB930 Lead-free bimetal bearings CHB08G Solid lubricating bearings

Bronze-based rolled bearings

CHB090 Bronze bearing CHB091 Brass rolled bearings CHB092 Bronze bearing CHB09G Bronze solid lubricating bearings


CHB-FU1 Copper-based bearings CHB-FU2 Iron base metal bearing CHB-FZH Copper-based cage CHB-FZL Aluminum base cage CHB-FZP Resin-based cage

CHB700 Bimetal bearing

CHB-700 Technical data

Dynamic load 120P N/mm² Maximum temperature Grease lubrication 150°C
Line speed Grease lubrication 2.5Vm/s Fluid lubrication 250°C
Maximum PV value 2.8N/mm². m/s Matching shaft diameter Hardness ≥ 45
Coefficient of friction 0.05~0.15 Roughness 0.16~0.63
Line speed Fluid lubrication 10 Alloy layer hardness 40~60
Maximum PV value 10 Thermal Conductivity 60W/mk
Coefficient of friction 0.04~0.12 Coefficient of linear expansion (axial) 19×10-6/K

Inner hole and non-machinable thickness tolerance

Nominal thickness
Norminal Thiickness
Inner hole non-machinable thickness tolerance
Tolerances of Series B (non-machinable)
Machinable thickness tolerance of inner hole
Tolerances of Series C (non-machinable)
1.0 -0.025 +0.25
2.0 -0.030 +0.25
2.5 -0.035 +0.25
3.0 -0.040 +0.30
3.5 -0.045 +0.30
3.5 -0.050 +0.30

Application area Oil pocket form Buckle form

Application area

Construction Machinery: Chassis of supporting wheels, tow wheel bushings, tensioning wheel bushings; Automotive industry: balance shaft bushings, steel pin bushings, steering knuckle bushings, connecting rod bushings, etc.

Oil pocket form
Buckle form

CHB-800 Classification of bimetal composite bearings

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Car, truck

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Energy equipment

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Food and medical

Textile machinery, pharmaceutical machinery ..

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Need to pay attention to misun

Blindly choose lubricants: Lubricants act to lubricate, cool, clean and seal. The quality of the lubricant is directly related to the length of the engine life. Blackening of the engine oil is the deterioration of the engine oil

What material does the bearing

Answer: 1) Metal materials, such as high-strength brass, tin bronze inlaid graphite bearings, etc. 2) Porous metal material (powder metallurgical material). 3) Non-metallic materials (nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene).

How are we different from ordi

Answer: Oil-free lubrication bearings are a type of plain bearings. Generally, the sliding bearing needs to add lubricants such as lubricating oil and grease before working, so as to form a lubricating film on the friction surface to effectively lubricate

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